Toddler snacks

Snacks – just how many can one toddler put away? I’m sure they eat every hour or so as a toddler – god knows where they put it all. I’m one of these mean mummies who hasn’t started giving anything that has sugar in yet (cakes / biscuits / ice cream), so¬† I try to […]

Red meat & healthy meals = a happy family!

Now that the weather is turning colder, comfort meals during the week are a must. There is nothing better than eating a hot meal indoors whilst in your comfiest clothes. But, how do we make comfort meals healthy? For me, comfort food used to be carb and fat central – not good! After having the […]

The first month of our weaning journey…….

Weaning (or should I say “introducing solids”) wasn’t something that I had given much thought to until my Week by Week book mentioned it when the little man turned 4 months old. I had also had friends who had weaned their children early, before 6 months, and panicked that I hadn’t even thought about it! […]

Midweek family meals made easy by Dolmio – #Thankgoodness

Midweek meals are the worst to sort out at the moment – mainly due to lack of time and the trillions of other jobs that need doing. I normally don’t start to think about dinner until after lunchtime, and then struggle to make anything of nutritional value due to lack of ingredients and creativity! Step […]