When you realise that you’ve let yourself go…..

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A few weeks ago it dawned on me that nothing in my wardrobe fits. NOTHING!

I have spent most of winter & spring in the same baggy t-shirts / jumpers and jeans, and it’s been great. All my lumps and bumps have been covered, and I haven’t really thought much about it.

Then suddenly I realised that I go back to work in 2 months time, AND that summer is here, and I have NOTHING to wear! The last thing that I want to do is spend lots of money on a whole new wardrobe (especially when I already have one!), and am currently on ZERO pay. Sh*t.

So, I have kicked myself up the backside, and started to make some changes. I am 1.5 stone heavier than pre-baby, have fat rolls in places I never even knew were possible, and have gone up 2 dress sizes…….I need to make a change.

The last 1o months since giving birth have gone by with convenience foods, carbs & sugar galore, and lots of snacks during the day – so it’s not surprising I am where I am. When I look at my body now i’m deeply unhappy with it.

I used to go to the gym 3 times a week, was toned with a FLAT STOMACH, and even then had body hang ups. So this position I find myself in now is hard – especially when my “new mum” friends are all back into their old clothes.

I have joined the gym, with the aim to go 2-3 times a week, am going to start running again, and have started to change my diet so i’m eating less carbs and sugar. I am still breastfeeding for one feed, which will phase out in the next few weeks, and i’m hoping that this will help me change my body.

I never thought it would be possible to feel so bad about yourself and your body after your baby was born, and I must admit, I didn’t feel any of it until now – when i’m trying to get some normality back into my life, and am gearing up to go back to work – bursting the baby bubble I have been in for the last 10 months.

Today I tried on some of my old summer clothes and realised that nothing would do up. So, i’m off to Primark for some cheap clothes that I only plan on wearing until I lose this weight. The problem I face now, is that I have no idea how to dress for this body shape, or even what shape I am now?! No one ever talks about body changes post baby and just how it can affect you and your confidence, or help in how to dress for your “new body” – which is something I am really struggling with!

One thing I have learnt, is that next time I won’t leave it this long, and I will aim to eat healthier and exercise more from the start. But hey, hindsight is a beautiful thing.

Mummy S x
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