Baby books – useful or useless?!

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3 weeks before the little one arrived, a friend of mine gave me a pile of baby books she had lying around. I suddenly realised that this baby was nearly here and I hadn’t looked at a single book for advice! I read up on everything – so why not this?!

I read a few of the books during the start of my maternity leave before the little man arrived and tried to process all of the information.

  1. How much he/she should be feeding
  2. How much he/she should be napping
  3. How he/she should learn to self settle
  4. What times we should be doing certain things

Jeez, I thought, this really was going to be a military operation this parenting malarkey! But, it was all there in back and white, so I should know what to expect when he/she arrives. It’s like a manual!

I then bought Holly Willoughby’s Truly Happy Baby as I was a fan of hers and it had just been released. The book made me feel at ease a little as it was full of tips and tricks rather than a rigid structured guide. It was nice to get a variation, and see what a real mum recommends.

Once the little man arrived I kept referring back to the books week on week to see what should be happening that week. But, more often than not, I found that it wasn’t going quite to plan! He wasn’t sleeping as long as he should, he wasn’t self settling – what was I doing wrong?

At 12 weeks I decided enough was enough and that some of the the books needed to go into the bin – especially when they told me that my 4 month baby should be sleeping through the night!

From now on, I’m only going to buy the down to earth parenting books.

I wish I hadn’t wasted my time worrying about milestones. My baby will do what we needs to do when he is ready. This means a much happier (and less worried) mummy.

Mummy S x

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