Big day out – Bridget Jones’s Baby (with a baby!)

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I did it! After much apprehension and planning we made the big trip into central London at 12 weeks old in the babybjorn! The purpose of the trip? Join a few hundred other mums and babies at Clapham Picturehouse to watch a mums and babies showing of Bridget Jones’s Baby.

When one of my fellow mummy friends suggested going to see a mummy and baby showing of Bridget Jones’s Baby, I had mixed emotions…..excitement because I had LOVED the other Bridget Jones, and anxiety because it would mean being there for 10.30am (I know!), and travelling into London Euston to then get the big bad Tube to Clapham Common – how were we all going to manage that?! We decided that it may be best to use our baby carriers as it would make escalators and stairs much easier. But the problem was that none of us had been into central London on public transport with our babies yet, and none of us had worn out carriers for more than an hour or so!
The planning began!

  • What time do we need to leave?
  • What do I do with my changing bag?
  • What if it’s raining?
  • What do we dress the babies in?
  • How do we go to the toilet if we have them in carriers?
  • What if my baby cries on the tube and only wants the boob?
  • What if my baby poops whilst on the tube?
  • What if my baby cries the whole way through the film?

Arghhh there were a lot of “what ifs”, but, it was safety in numbers. 7 mums, with 7 babies all travelling together with their babies strapped to them!

The night before I emptied my changing bag and transferred the contents into a rucksack so I could wear baby on the front and my bag on my back to balance me out a little! That also made sure I had 2 free hands – 1 of those for a caffeine hit first thing in the morning! I also laid out clothes for both of us so I wouldn’t be rushing around looking for stuff in the morning.

Just one problem – I couldn’t sleep! It felt like it was the night before the first day back at school! I set my alarm for the crack of dawn, and typically, the little man woke up 10mins before this needing a feed! Right, it was time to get myself ready! I ran around frantically trying to get everything done and both of us fed in the 90 mins I had before I needed to run out of the door – success, I left the house only 5 minutes later than planned and made my way to the station!

Thanks to the motion the little man slept nearly the whole way to Clapham waking half way through our Northern Line journey with me bouncing up and down to avoid a meltdown as I knew he needed a feed! We quick footed it to the cinema to find hundreds of other mums and babies eagerly waiting to get through the doors. I have never seen so many pushchairs under one roof – it could have been a Mothercare warehouse! At this point I was thankful for the Babybjorn as it made it much easier.

We settled in during the trailers and there was lots of chatters and babies crying. Once the film started I think everyone had the same idea as me (boob / bottle in mouth!) as for a few minutes it was silent!! I fed for 15 minutes and then he fell asleep. I transferred him into the upright position, rested his head on my shoulder and he slept through the WHOLE FILM – success!!!!!!!!

And what a brilliant film! It did not disappoint at all, with a fab ending! (I won’t say anything to give it away) One of my favourite parts was when she gave birth (hoping this isn’t a spoiler as the title kind of gives it away) and a few of us became teary at this point as we had our newborns in our arms and could relate to the scene emotionally. I have to say, the soundtrack to the film was amazing!

We left the cinema after another feed / change and headed home with smiles on our faces – a successful day out that increased our confidence 10-fold! Happy mummies!