My baby is no longer a newborn ?

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Wait, what? An infant?! He’s an infant? But he’s still my little newborn baby!

I feel as though I blinked and 3 months had gone, just like that! When they say time flies, they really do mean it. Maybe it’s the sleepless nights all blurring into one?

But, it makes me sad to think his newborn stage is over so quickly and makes me realise how we really do have to cherish every moment with them.

The first three months have been challenging, but also filled with some of the best moments I have ever experienced.

  • When he first opened his eyes and looked up at me
  • The first time he gripped my finger with that tiny hand
  • Bringing him home for the first time
  • Being able to stop him crying in an instant by just holding him
  • Giving him his first bath and seeing how much he loved the water
  • His first smile
  • Taking him for his first swimming lesson
  • The loving way he gazes up at you whilst you are feeding him
  • How he gets used to the “routine” and enjoys being strapped into the buggy / car seat after initially hating it
  • The way his hands and feet start to move and he can hit objects
  • When he first went from newborn to 0-3m clothes

It’s sad that it’s all over, but we have lots of happy memories (and thousands of photos on our phones!).

So now the next stage begins, we have just outgrown our Moses basket, and we have started the dreaded teething process…… Time for some more milestones and memories!

Mummy S x