You have to be in it to win it, right?

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Brilliant bloggers? I can think of lots! Since I started my blogging journey 9 months ago there have been many bloggers who have inspired and influenced me, in all aspects of my life, but especially parenting.

Those who have made me realise that it’s ok to want to be a working mum, those who share their true experiences and make me realise that it’s not just me who go through bad days, and those who have helped me through different stages of having a baby.

As a new parenting blogger I hope that I can do the same for other people by sharing my honest experiences, and making their journey easier. When I received my first comment from someone saying that my post had helped them as they thought they were alone – it was the best feeling ever!

I don’t think i’m the best new blogger out there at all – there are many other new bloggers whose blogs I love to read, and whose pictures are absolutely amazing! My site may not be the most glamorous, but I do hope that the honest content makes up for it. I love blogging (when time allows), and the best thing is interacting with other bloggers – I just love how everyone supports each other in the blogging community.

A few weeks ago I saw that the nominations were open for #BiBs2017, and it got the cogs turning thinking about who I was going to nominate, and then I saw the bit about nominating yourself…… I umm’d and aah’d for ages as to whether to nominate myself for theĀ “Fresh Voice” award.

After fighting with myself (and having the self doubt coming out), I thought why the hell not! I’m super proud of my blog, and all I have achieved since having the little man, and although i’m not normally competitive (and know there are MUCH better blogs out there), if i’m not in it, I can’t win it! And we all know it’s the taking part that counts right?!

So, if you would like to nominate me for “Fresh Voice” please click here

Info you need:

  • Blog name: Mummy Setra – all things baby and me
  • URL:
  • Twitter ID: @mummy_setra
  • Email:

Additionally, if you think there is anyone else who should be nominated (including yourself!), then make sure you enter!

Mummy S x

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