Nursery – is it really that bad?!

In 6 weeks time, it’ll be all change again! I’ll have just had a year off work for the first time, and have gone through more emotions than I ever knew were possible! Plus, I managed to bag myself a promotion that I didn’t think would happen for at least 5 years. So, all in […]

When did I become invisible?

I’m not exactly sure when it happened, and it took me a few weeks to realise, but suddenly, as soon as I had pushed a baby out, people didn’t want to know about ME anymore. Family and friends who used to call me for a chat, ask me to go to dinner / shopping, all of a sudden […]

My top 5 teething products

Anyone who has read my previous posts will know that we had a very early teether! His first two teeth came through at 3 months old and we were not prepared at all! Fast forward to 9 months old and we have just had tooth number 7 pop through – and boy has this one […]

The first month of our weaning journey…….

Weaning (or should I say “introducing solids”) wasn’t something that I had given much thought to until my Week by Week book mentioned it when the little man turned 4 months old. I had also had friends who had weaned their children early, before 6 months, and panicked that I hadn’t even thought about it! […]

8 months into being a mum – how do I feel?

The last 8 months have been an absolute whirlwind, so it’s rare that I get to actually sit down and think about how I actually feel. I can’t believe that in the last 8 months I have given birth, looked after a newborn (and he’s still ok!), and now have an infant who is clapping, […]

Summer Holidays: 10 things to pack for baby

As I found out a few weeks ago, going on holiday has a whole different meaning once a baby comes along! Gone are the relaxing, lazy days by the pool snoozing and reading at your leisure, it’s more making sure that you have enough entertainment for your baby so you can soak up at least […]

Yes, i’m planning to return to work – FULL TIME…….

Halfway into my maternity leave I was approached by my boss about an opportunity that was coming up – someone was leaving to do a long term secondment, and they had thought of me as a potential candidate. I was made up that they’d thought of me, especially seeing as I was on maternity leave! The […]

10 ways I am Rocking Motherhood.

I was recently tagged by The_Grumpy_Mum for the #RockingMotherhood tag. I have loved reading other peoples posts, and think it’s a great idea for mums to give themselves a pat on the back! The tag was started by Pat at whitecamellias – and since then has become a hit amongst parent bloggers far and wide. We all spend so […]

5 teeth at 6 months old – now how do we look after them?!

“Wow” – say most people when I tell them that my 6 month old baby has already cut 5 teeth. “That’s great”. Mmmmm – yes it’s good that we are getting them out of the way, but he’s so young to be going through constant pain, as well as his developmental milestones which are currently coming […]

My baby is no longer a newborn ?

Wait, what? An infant?! He’s an infant? But he’s still my little newborn baby! I feel as though I blinked and 3 months had gone, just like that! When they say time flies, they really do mean it. Maybe it’s the sleepless nights all blurring into one? But, it makes me sad to think his […]