Red meat & healthy meals = a happy family!

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Now that the weather is turning colder, comfort meals during the week are a must. There is nothing better than eating a hot meal indoors whilst in your comfiest clothes. But, how do we make comfort meals healthy? For me, comfort food used to be carb and fat central – not good!

After having the little man, I now think a bit more carefully about what I eat – mostly because I want him to eat it too. And it’s a good ethos for us – we don’t (and shouldn’t) eat anything that we wouldn’t feel comfortable giving him.

Now he is at nursery, it’s really important that he is getting a varied diet – especially at home. One thing that I haven’t done for him until now, is cook him red meat.

I recently read something that said red meat is a good source of nutrients as part of a healthy, balanced diet. For toddlers, that includes iron, zinc, B vitamins, selenium and potassium – these are vitamins which they are often low in. And i’ll hold my hands up, I don’t give him a multivitamin like I should – whoops! So, it’s even more important that he gets everything he needs from his diet! Therefore, I am now going to include red meat within our meals twice per week.

I was surprised when I signed up to the #HealthyRedMeat challenge to see a statement by the Meat Advisory Panel and a public health nutritionist stating that “including a small portion of red meat in the diet a few times a week after weaning can help bridge nutrient gaps and so help to maintain good health through childhood and beyond”. It really made me think about what my pre-conceptions used to be of red meat. And, it made me think more of how I can incorporate it into our diets healthily.

So, I decided to make Lamb Bolognese & courgetti – which was a hit with both boys (young & old!). This was a great result as normally one of them would complain or refuse to eat anything that was remotely healthy!!!!

I made the sauce for the Bolognese myself, and the beauty of doing that is that you can hide as many veggies in it as you like – carrots and mushrooms are favourites of mine to use in a tomato sauce.



  1. Add olive oil to a pan and add garlic & a small amount of chilli
  2. Dice 2 onions, and add to the pan once the garlic has started to brown – saute until translucent
  3. Add a tin of chopped tomatoes / passata (and any other veg!).
  4. Add a small amount of tomato puree
  5. Add mixed herbs & pepper to taste, leave to simmer
  6. In another pan, brown the lamb mince, and then add to the sauce, and leave to simmer.
  7. Wash courgettes and spiralise
  8. Add the spiralised courgette to a pan with a little bit of oil and cook for a few minutes
  9. And voila – you’re done!

However, we did have tears…after his first bit of lamb (ever), he cried when his portion was finished – he absolutely wolfed it down! So, that’s a win for me, as I know he likes lamb, it is healthy, and I can cook it in a meal which includes a lot of veg too! This one will definitely be cooked again soon.

Do you have any lamb dishes that your little ones love that I should try?

Mummy S x

This post is an entry for the BritMums #HealthyRedMeat challenge, sponsored by the Meat Advisory Panel