Toddler snacks

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Snacks – just how many can one toddler put away? I’m sure they eat every hour or so as a toddler – god knows where they put it all.

I’m one of these mean mummies who hasn’t started giving anything that has sugar in yet (cakes / biscuits / ice cream), so  I try to steer towards snacks that use fruit for the sweetness. He’s got so much energy as it is, god knows what sugar would do to him – i dread to think!! Also, I just think there will come  point where I can’t put a ban on it, so, trying to not give it while I can get away with it.

Time is another factor – i’d love to say i’m one of these mums who makes every snack from fresh ingredients, but in reality i’m a full time working mum who has to pick her battles wisely!

So, here are some of my current favourite go to snacks to give between meal times….


Houmous and Pitta

This is one of our post nursery staples, known as ‘dip dip’. Pitta bread can be substituted with carrot sticks for a healthier alternative (not in our house!) and sometimes he just uses the pitta bread as a spoon!!!



Another simple, effective and healthy option to make sure they get their 5 a day. Our current favourites are banana, apple, grapes, pears, oranges and watermelon! I try and mix them up depending on how sweet they are to make sure he’s not only getting sweeter fruits.



I was amazed at just how many yoghurts branded for kids had sugar in them!! We go for the Yeo Valley Little Yeo’s which are the best I have found yet as they contain fruit juice instead of sugar, and he absolutely loves them!



I always hear a lot about dried fruit, and it not being great for teeth, so I make sure I limit the number of raisins and only give them a few times a week – but these are a fairly messy free snack, so great for taking out with you. Although here’s a money saving tip – don’t get sucked into buying the small packs for kids, buy a big pack and ration them – you get LOADS more!


Oat bars

Another on the go staple for us – and he loves them! Our current favourites are the Organix Carrot Cake bars! (Erm, yes, I may have sampled a few!). Whilst on maternity leave I did make some oat bars from scratch (check me!) and there are loads of recipes available on the internet for those of you wanting to try them.


Cheese and crackers

Who doesn’t love cheese and crackers? Enough said.



Breadsticks are a great dry, long lasting snack to have out and about. We tend to keep a pack in the car – just in case of any emergencies!


Cheese Scones

Easy to make, and a more filling snack for the littles! They also travel well and last for a while once made. These are also  great snacks for hangry adults too!


Malt loaf

I have recently been introduced to malt loaf by a friend. On checking the ingredients it does have sugar syrup in, but i’m going to go give it a go as it is not listed in the first few listed ingredients. It’s also a great source of iron and fibre!


So there you have it, our current go to snacks for the little man.

What do you give for snack times? I’d love to hear some different suggestions to mix things up more!

Mummy S x