Valentine’s day gift guide – for HIM

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Christmas only feels like it was yesterday, and that was hard enough! So, 2 months later, what do you get the man who has everything?

If the man in your life is anything like mine – they never NEED anything, and go out and buy what they want (usually just before a birthday / christmas)…….. so annoying!!

So with Valentine’s Day just round the corner – here’s some of my favourite go to items!


The Man Package – Don’t Buy her Flowers – From £30

I love what Steph from DBHF has done with her company – it’s great! And don’t think it’s only for women – as this man package can be tailored to your budget (or just how much you want to spoil him)!


Craft Beer Introduction – Honest Brew – From £44.90

Beer…….. enough said?!


Tile Mate – Amazon – From £16.99

‘Where’s my keys?’ ‘Where’s my phone?’ No, i’m not quoting Mr Zip from Britain’s Got Talent…. these are questions I get asked ALL the time. ‘How do I know where they are? You had them last!’ is usually what I shout back at him annoyed that he has misplaced them AGAIN. If your man sounds like mine – this is a MUST!


Powerbeats³ Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Sport Headphones  – John Lewis – £124.99

Every man wants to be like Anthony Joshua right? And for some of them, this is the closest they’re gonna get…… ha ha ha. Jokes aside, they have a built in mic – so great if your man is regularly taking calls / on the move.


Barbeque Tool Set – Not on the High Street – £26.95

BBQ season is just around the corner…(ok, maybe that’s exaggerating a little)! However, find me a man who doesn’t love cracking out the BBQ when there is a little bit of sunshine! And, of course, they like to be ‘in control of the tools’……. whilst you do all the fetching!!


Calvin Klein boxer shorts – Debenhams – £17

Because I’m yet to meet a man who buys his own underwear……… they have birthdays and christmas for that! So, why not splash out on some designer boxers?! Everyone loves a pair of Calvin Kleins!


Haig Club Whisky – Waitrose – £35

This is here because I love the bottle (and the owner!!!) David Beckham has bought a new whisky to the market which is very easy drinking! Not your typical scotch whisky, and a perfect gift for the modern gentleman!


Socks gift box – Happy Socks – £29.95

*Refer back to the boxers*………. so – why not jazz up a simple present of ‘socks’! These Happy socks do just that, bringing a bit of fun in the process.


M&S Collection textured jumper – Marks and Spencer – £39.50

I am in love with M&S mens clothes at the moment – they have some great pieces in for some very reasonable prices. This jumper is one of my faves as it can be smart or casual, making it completely versatile – well done M&S!


Valentine’s Day card – Love Layla Designs – £3.75

And lastly, to go with your present, you’ll need a card……. and there is no one better than Love Layla Designs for the funniest cards you will ever find (99% of them were too rude to put here)!


Mummy S x