Operation “get my body back” – Month 1

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A month or so ago I decided enough was enough! It was time to stop being a couch potato and hiding under baggy jumpers and start getting fit, so that I was able to fit into my pre-baby clothes for when I started work in 2 months time.

I joined the gym, and started looking at what I was eating. I was a size 10 pre pregnancy, an avid gym goer, and now was wearing size 14 post baby – and I was unhappy with my body, so I knew it was time to act.

I downloaded My Fitness Pal so I could record what I was eating, and saw that the calories soon added up! The odd biscuit here, or piece of cake there was my problem, as I couldn’t have a cup of tea without an accompaniment (Who’s with me on that?!) I was also consuming a LOT of carbs – mainly from a convenience point of view.

So, I started to change my diet, and I have cut down on the number of carbs, and have reduced the number of biscuits I am eating with tea (cut down – not cut OUT). Whereas I used to have 3-4 biscuits with a cuppa, I am now having 1/2.

I have joined the gym, and am trying to go 3 times a week. David Lloyd run a great buggy fitness class which means that I don’t need to find childcare for my little one, and can take him with me. I have found it much better than the “local park” buggy fitness classes as I find it actually challenges you, and is great for mums who used to go to the gym regularly.

I then try and do a resistance / weights based workout once a week in the evenings after the little man is in bed and daddy is in charge! I never used to do weights at all, but after speaking to a fabulous personal trainer, she advised me that this way I would lose weight as well as toning up – win win! I always thought cardio was the answer – how wrong I was.

And Pilates……mums, has your baby given you a bad back?! Pilates is AMAZING for helping strengthen your body and after 4 weeks has helped my back pain significantly!

So, 4 weeks in and I am now fitting into size 12 jeans which has been a massive achievement!

My message? Mums who want to lose the weight – do not focus on stepping on the scales, your body shape will change, as will the ratio of fat:muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat!

If you’ve been thinking about it – do it! Only small changes are needed, and you don’t have to work out 10 times a week to see a change! I’ll keep you updated with the rest of my journey (I know it’s going to be a long one)…….size 10 here I come again (hopefully)!

Any tips? Send them my way!

Mummy S x