The best things about being a working mum

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When I went back to work full time after maternity leave, I was apprehensive, and hoped it was the best thing to do for our family. It gives me great pleasure now, 6 months later, saying it absolutely was!
I have loved going back to work, especially in a more senior role, and to make it even better, the little man absolutely LOVES nursery and is thriving!

So, I thought I’d share with you what I think are the best things about being a working mum.

1. The routine
The routine we have Monday – Friday is great, and gives us all a bit of stability! We all know what we’re doing, and where we’re going, and the little man even brings his shoes to me in the morning! I never imagined he would love nursery as much as he does, and it’s nurturing him into being so loving & caring to others.

2. The hot food / drinks
This is so underrated, and you don’t realise just how great it is until you go back to work! I get to eat hot lunches, and drink hot coffees ( at the pace I want without anyone stealing my food!!!!!!) I know right?!

3. The adult conversation
I’ve always loved engaging with others, and during maternity leave one thing I missed was talking to adults about ADULT things! I love babies, I really do, but what is it with people who ONLY talk about babies/ toddlers 99% of the time!

4. Using my brain
Going back to a new role meant there was lots to learn and focus on, and it was great to finally get rid of my baby brain which I’d been harbouring for way too long! For someone who had always been quite sharp, baby brain (yes, it’s real) was HARD! In the boardroom, I’m now the professional whose opinion makes a different! THAT is who I am during working hours!

5. Work – life balance
Seeing Mother Pukka and her FlexAppeal made me think about negotiating my hours when I went back to work, and how I could work flexibly. I now have a great balance and manage to do a day at home a week, with flexibility the rest of the time. And, I now don’t work late / work at home, as home is now family time 🙂 You know what?! I’m also the most focused and hard working I’ve ever been. Just goes to show -#flexappeal does work!

6. My tolerance
The things I used to stress about at work before, I don’t any longer!! I can’t believe how calm I am now – and that, is thanks to motherhood! I’m so much more tolerant, and as I now have a new perspective in life, work no longer stresses me out which is great!

7. Perspective
Being a full time working mum has given me a lot of perspective. Perspective of what I want from life, what and who matters, and is important. For me, that has changed massively. My friendship circle is smaller, and now I only have time for those who truly care and bring something positive to my life.

8. Being able to afford nice things
One of the best things about being a working mum is MONEY! Yes we have to pay for nursery, but I’m lucky that I still have money left over. This means that from a lifestyle point of view I still get to buy nice things, go out to restaurants & days out / holidays with my boys! And my best investment yet?! A cleaner! It means that my weekends are less about cleaning, and more about making memories!

9. Clothes
As much as I could live in jeans and a baggy jumper, part of me does love putting on some smart clothes, boots and a nice handbag and going off to work (without food / snot stuck to my sleeve!).

10. Weekends
My weekends are now much more productive than they used to be. Yes, I miss the lie ins and lazy days, BUT I now make sure they revolve around us. I made a mistake last year putting others first, but this year it’s all change and I am LOVING it! Looking forward to exploring more National Trust properties up and down the country this year……. and making lots of new memories.


So, if you’re due to go back to work soon, and not sure – it’s really not that bad! And, if you don’t enjoy it, you can always leave!

Mummy S x

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