Why i’ve never appreciated Crimbo Limbo – until now!

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Crimbo limbo – the time between Christmas and New year – also known as Twixmas? Say what? How is that the case?

What’s it got to do with Twix?! (Nothing I know, but that’s what the word makes me want….. a twix!)

It’s 11 years since I finished uni and started working full time, and christmas time has meant that I normally get a few days off – but working in the NHS means that work goes on, as patient’s don’t stop needing medicines, and therefore I normally ended up at work at least a few days of this Twixmas period.

Last year was the first year that I was back at work and managed to get the Crimbo Limbo period off work – thanks to the fact I now do a non-clinical role, and the christmas period being my quietest time (if you could call it ‘quiet’ – I went back to 200 emails after 2 weeks off during that period!!!!!!!)

Although we were off, we didn’t quite manage to relax as the run up to christmas was all about making sure we had everyone’s presents, and then we were with one side of the family for christmas eve and christmas morning, and then the other side of the family until boxing day. By the time we got back home on the 27th, and got ourselves remotely sorted, it was New Year’s Eve and we were counting down going back to work – what an anticlimax.

This year, we learnt from that, and decided we didn’t want all of that upheaval, and therefore decided to host christmas, with an open invitation to both sides of the family. That way, we were in our own space, managed to get christmas morning to ourselves, and didn’t have all the travelling to do.

So, on the 27th, once everyone had left, finally I managed to relax – for the first time in a long time.  I had managed to do a lot of the tidying up, had lots of cheese and snacks left over, and I even managed to have an afternoon nap – which is an absolute luxury these days!

I’m currently sat at the gym on the 28th December, writing this blog post, when in fact i’m here to do some uni work. Ideally i’d love to be out on a family walk somewhere (eating more cheese), but I have a Masters research proposal to write, so here I am. But, the main thing, I don’t feel stressed – which is a bonus for me, as i’m normally always stressed due to having no down time.

Next year, i’m going to do the same again, and hopefully i’ll have completed my MSC which will mean that this crimbo limbo period will be filled with even more PJ & sofa time, with the odd walk thrown in…… it’s absolutely great having time to just do nothing, and it doesn’t ever happen at any other time of the year.

I think i’m going to like this time of the year, and hope I can always manage to get it off work (fingers crossed). But for now, time to get back to my uni work.

Do you enjoy this period?

Mummy S x