Why only set goals at New Year?

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I’m not sure why people tend to wait until the new year before they set themselves new goals –  for moral support? An obligation to set goals because others are? Don’t get me wrong, i’ve always been the same:

‘Next year, i’m going to………..’

‘From January i’m going to…………’

This year, having had a few weeks off work over the festive period after a very busy 6 months, and so i’ve been able to reflect on what I normally do come the new year.

My normal resolutions, are the same as most peoples:

  1. I’m going to exercise more
  2. I’m going to eat better
  3. I’m going to take more ‘me time’
  4. I’m going to write a diary for the year

I normally think about all of the above for the first month or two of the year, and then ‘life’ gets in the way and it all goes out of the window. Sound familiar?

So, having had a few weeks off work, being busy with sorting out the house post kitchen and bathroom renovations, and then christmas, I’ve been thinking about all the things I want to do. The ‘stuff’ I don’t normally get to think about because I hardly have time to breathe, let alone do ‘stuff’. This also then made me think, why wait? Why not just start forming the good habits, now, as I shouldn’t have to wait for a specific date.

And why not? Just why do we wait until the new year to start new things, or set new goals? I’m not really sure why I personally do it, as surely it’s just putting things off? I want to live more in the here and now, and therefore I have decided that a lot of my goals start now! (Yes, I know it’s only a few days before the New Year, but why wait?)

So, starting now, and for 2019 I am going to:

  1. Take more actual me time. As mums, we are nowhere near selfish enough, and tend to feel guilty if we aren’t constantly fussing over someone or something. The men in our lives don’t seem to feel the same, and manage to get lots of ‘me time’, so why don’t we? Time to TAKE it!
  2. Exercise. Cliche? Well actually, no. I have been going to the gym much more in the past few weeks and have SO much more energy for it, so am feeling good. It’s all about changing my ways, and I have to make sure I make time to go. It ties in nicely with goal number 1, as it is a bit of me time.
  3. Read more. Pre-baby I used to LOVE reading, and for some reason post baby and after going back to work full time this was one of the first things that took a sideline. Recently, I’ve fallen in love again with books, and try to make some time before bed to read more. I’ve even started visiting the library again!
  4. Less screen time. Surely this should be on everyones list? I often find myself scrolling on my phone when I could be spending that time much more wisely….. thinking about goal number 3 maybe?
  5. Cook from scratch more. I have been so much more adventurous in the kitchen in the past 2 weeks compared to the past 2 years! We recently had our kitchen and bathroom renovated, and I absolutely hated the space previously – as nothing had a place. Since we have had our new kitchen I have made a christmas dinner from scratch (including cranberry sauce and stuffing), and baked lots of adult and toddler friendly treats – and i’m excited to try lots more!
  6. Work to live, not live to work. I’m the kind of person who wants to do well, however one thing I need to be better at is switching off outside of work hours. I was in a bad habit of checking emails on my phone over the weekends, and even in the evenings. I now haven’t checked a single email for weeks, and know what my inbox will be bursting at the seams when I get back, but, I feel so much better for it.

So, there are mine – and they all start now!

What will you be doing differently?

Mummy Setra x

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