Potty training made simple

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When you start reading all about potty training, it’s an absolute minefield – I had no clue what to do or how to do it – let alone when to start! I had heard though that boys often are ready slightly later than girls – so I wasn’t in any rush!

Thankfully, our nursery were very hands on and gave us a good indication of when the little man were ready (at around 2.5yrs old), and started the process for us. We were keen to make sure we were actively involved in the process to ensure we were giving the same message – and this is key!

If you try and it’s not working after a few days, then don’t persevere to the point where you are all stressed by it. They simply may not quite be ready – and that’s what happened with us the first time round – which is completely fine as they are all different!

We had bought a potty and some paw patrol pants to try and encourage him to be a ‘big boy’ – however he just wasn’t keen and did not seem to fully understand. So we left it at that and a few months later we tried again.

This time round he was ready. He had seen the older children at nursery going to the toilet and was obviously intrigued by the process. We had clear instructions from nursery in the first few days – bring him to nursery in normal nappies, with pants on top of the nappy – with plenty of spare clothes and some spare shoes.

The early days meant lots of prompts for the toilet (nearly every 15 minutes or so), and having the potty in close proximity.

I had read a lot about ‘rewards’ and sticker charts, but they just didn’t sit right with me for some reason – so I decided to go down the bribery road (don’t judge me – and no I don’t think it’s better!!! Ha ha! ).

‘If you do a wee-wee, you can watch another episode of paw patrol’

And guess what, it worked an absolute treat – as it was what he wanted (and in reality was going to get it anyway – just don’t tell him that!). He started going routinely and although he had a number of accidents, they were normally because he wasn’t concentrating, and hadn’t been to use the potty for a while.

For weekends when we were travelling in the car – we used pull ups, with pants over the top just as we had been advised. I know there is a lot out there that says not to do this because it ‘confuses’ them – but for us it worked an absolute treat. We still used the same method telling him not to wee in his nappy and to let us know when he needed a wee wee. And if we had to, we’d pull over and let him wee in the travel potty.

Potty recommendations

We used two main potties for the duration of our potty training experience, and I would recommend them both.

  1. Potty chair from LuvdBaby

I absolutely loved this potty – especially the fact that it was portable, wasn’t too low, was funky colours, and had a removable insert with which there was a lid (to stop those spills)

  1. Potette 3-in-1 travel potty and toilet training seat

This Potette travel potty was a lifesaver. It was great just to have in the car, and came with its own drawstring bag. It was fab out and about as it also converts to a toilet training seat – which is great when out and about shopping or in restaurants – we used it for absolutely ages after he was potty trained! Definitely worth the investment.

Top tips

  • I think the main thing I would say is – don’t rush it! There is plenty of time, and each child is different, so it doesn’t matter if Sienna and Alex are both potty trained and the same age – what’s the most important thing is that your little person is ready!
  • Do not get stressed about the accidents – they pick up on it!
  • Use lots of praise! For me it was all about him realising what a big boy he was and just how clever he was!
  • Use whatever process works for you. For me it was TV as a reward – i know others have used stickers, chocolate, other rewards – everyone is different!
  • Regression after they have got it is normal. It’s just a blip!
  • Doing a poo on the potty is never as easy as a wee for them, so may take a little bit longer
  • Put the potty somewhere discreet – you wouldn’t want the whole world starting at you when you were trying to do a number 1 or number 2 would you?!
  • Once you start, and it’s working – continue! It confuses them if they have to do it at nursery, but not home!

Hope they help! How did you find potty training?

Mummy S x