Working mums don’t work as hard? HA!

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Until I went back to work after having a child, i’ll admit, it did annoy me (just a little bit) that certain people got to leave on time every day, didn’t have to participate in the late rota, and therefore I (wrongly) perceived this as them having it ‘easy’.

Fast forward to me now being a mum, and having to leave to make sure I pick my child up on time. Do I still think working mums have it easy? NO FRICKING WAY! I’d much rather be back in my old shoes having the flexibility I once had. Yes, I had to work late duties, BUT, at least my time was my own. I could go out for drinks after work, pop out for an impromptu dinner whenever I wanted, or just go home and chill the hell out!

As a full time working mum, who has been back at work now for nearly a near after having a baby, imagine just how much my blood boiled when I heard THOSE comments made by Kelly Brook on national TV (on catch up as I WORK), slating mums in the work place.

‘If you can’t meet the demands of the job, don’t blame your kids’

‘People shouldn’t use kids to not do their jobs properly’ 

The two comments above are just two that completely did get under my skin. I work damn hard, and actually, I think i’m a better employee since having a child than I was before. Why? Because I feel like I have something to prove. And why? Because of judgemental people like Kelly Brook. Yes I now may have to have some flexibility, or take days off to look after my sick child, but that does not mean I don’t do my job properly.

You’re right Kelly, you don’t have children, so you don’t know what it’s like to balance motherhood and a career – it’s no way the easy option.

It’s damn hard being a working mum – you’re blasted if you don’t work, you’re blasted if you leave your child at nursery – so for us working mums, you can never win with people. So, we try and do what we can to the best of our abilities, often leading to absolute exhaustion with zero time for ourselves.

I have always been quite career focused, and knew that once I had children I didn’t want to lose that. So, I made the decision to take a year out and have a child, and then return full time. You know what? If I could have asked my husband to do it, for him to carry and birth a child, then maybe I would have. I don’t finish work at 4.30PM because I want to, I finish work at 4.30pm because I have to pick my child up. But, when i’m at my desk at 8am working, you’re probably still in bed sipping on your coffee, or reading the paper somewhere, not needing to be in the office until 9am.

If you speak to my boss, he’ll probably tell you that I work twice as hard as some of my other colleagues who don’t have children! But, he’s human enough to understand, that life isn’t just about work. Hence, he gave me a job whilst I was on maternity leave – which was a massive boost for my deflated ego.

A piece of advice for you – next time, think before you speak – as you literally have no idea. If you do decide to have kids, I do hope no-one has those judgemental attitudes towards you.

Mummy S x


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