10 week old baby, when did that happen?! 

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The past 10 weeks have been emotional, VERY emotional! I put that down to hormones, lack of sleep (I used to NEED 8 hours), a crying baby and no “me” time.

Life was different to say the least…… I worked in London Town, did a 9-5 (and some weekends) job as a pharmacist at a big London teaching hospital, ate at some of the trendiest restaurants, shopped on Oxford St and most importantly, got 8 hours sleep most nights (not forgetting the lie ins at the weekend – pure bliss – ahhhh)

Fast forward to having a 10 week old baby boy and that life seems ageeeessssssss ago! Has it really only been 10 weeks since he arrived??

The last 10 weeks has been a complete mix of emotions – tiredness like I’ve never experienced before, but with that is unconditional love – something that I didn’t think was possible in such a short amount of time!

Part of me thinks has it really only been 10 weeks? (As I can’t imagine life without him), and the other part thinks 10 weeks already?! (As due to the sleepless nights, one day just blurs into the next). Don’t even try to guess what the day / date is – everyday is the same from now on! I have forgotten friends birthdays and anniversaries as I no longer open my filofax! 

Google. Google has been my best friend during the past 10 weeks – for everything! Googling “why does my baby cry so much, why does my baby not sleep, is it normal for my baby to poo so much” Google has been there for me at my times of need (normally 3am during the umpteenth night feed) and filled me with assurance that it’s all normal and nothing to worry about.

At 10 weeks I feel as though we have made progress:

  • I have had one stretch of 5.5hrs overnight (amazing, yes. BUT not so amazing when we have wake up calls every 90 mins……whhhyyyy?? ?
  • Smiles – we get proper smiles that are heart melting! Makes it all worthwhile
  • “Talking back” to you – this Is the cutest thing ever!!
  • Good weight gain – fab for an exclusively breastfed baby!
  • Alertness and eye contact
  • Attended our first wedding, and survived, as well as scrubbing up well (and not looking like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards!)
  • Being able to attend an appointment on time (nappy changing and feeding before running out of the door!)
  • Being able to calm him down without always offering the breast .

So, was I prepared for that first 10 weeks? Hell no, not a chance was I! However as I start to get used to the sleep deprivation, sick covered clothes & feeding on demand, it’s time to start my blog – happy reading all!

(And, just look at those toes!)